Welcome to TEN's online course for debtors who have already filed their Chapter 13 petition and have been directed to this site by their Trustee.

Information about Chapter 13 (PDF)

1. Can my spouse take the course with me?  If your spouse is also named in the Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, then they too need to earn a certificate to qualify for a discharge of their debts. Your spouse must register and complete the course separately to earn their certificate. You will each need separate email addresses. You can use the same computer, but not at the same time.
2. How do I get help if I have technical difficulties? DO NOT contact your attorney or trustee for technical assistance. This course is not their responsibility. Click on the Leave a message for TechSupport found at the top of the website pages. You can also access the Help page from the Main Menu. A reply email will be sent within 12 hours. Provide as much detail as you can to describe your technical problem. Sometimes it will be more expedient for Tech Support to call you to get you back on track.
3. Can I use my smartphone for this online course? See Step 2 on the homepage of 13class.com. Smartphones are NOT recommended. The course was designed for larger screens and there are too many variables between phones for us to troubleshoot. If you have problems using a smartphone, Technical Support will not be able to recommend anything but to use one of the other devices listed in Step 2.
4. What if I need to switch computers? Do I have to start over?  No, you won't have to start over. The online course does not live on your computer. It remains on the Internet. Your device is like a car to get you to the class. It doesn't matter what color car it is. It doesn't matter if it is your car or your brother's car. It still gets you to class. You do have to be connected to the Internet the entire time you take the course. We recommend desktop or laptop computers, and tablets. Phone screens are so small, that it is difficult to see and click on the various things you must work with on the screen. 
5. Can I take the course if I don't have a computer? Yes, you can borrow one. Many debtors complete this course by using a computer at their local public library. The course can be completed in segments. The course remembers where you left off even if you switch computers during the time you take the course. We recommend you plan to complete the course in a week or two. Most of the lessons are around 20 minutes long so if there is a time limit on how long you can use a library's computer, you can plan on a few visits to get it done. Also, you can put off downloading and printing any of the course materials while you are enrolled. You can return to the course anytime after you have earned your certificate to download any of the helpful resources it offers. 
6. What is a Trustee Identifier Number? This online course and its materials are only available to registered users who are given a Trustee Identifier Number (TIN) by their Chapter 13 Trustee or attorney. An example would be TEN13XXX. Only debtors sent to this specific site and who have been given a TIN can take this course. It is not open to the public.
7. I completed the course. Where is my certificate? Once you have passed the final quiz, you will immediately receive an email of congratulations from us. There will be no certificate to print at that time. We will notify the US Trustee’s Office of your success. This will take up to 3 business days. The certificate of completion will be emailed to you at that time. You may want to forward it to your attorney then and print a copy for your files.
If you can't find the email with the certificate attached, it is most likely in your Bulk or Spam folders if you did not add This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to your email contacts. Also, if you are checking on your smartphone for email, not all of your email is transferred to your phone, especially Bulk and Spam, or attachments. We recommend you look for the email with the certificate attached (a PDF document) using your computer.
As a courtesy, the course provider, your trustee, will file the certificate directly with the bankruptcy clerk in your case within 15 days.
For one year from the time of your initial registration, you can return to the site and review any lesson by visiting the Finally, Financial Freedom!--Refresher Course. You can also access downloadable forms and links without viewing any lessons again.
8. How much does this course cost me? Your Trustee is paying for you to take the course so you can earn the certificate you need in order to qualify for a discharge of your debts upon completion of your case. There is no out-of-pocket expense to you.
9. How long does the course take to finish? US Trustee regulations require you to receive a minimum of two hours of approved financial management instruction. This course, if completed with conscientious effort, should take four to five hours to complete.  You don't have to complete it in one sitting.  It is best to try to complete the course within a week or two. Passage of the Final Quiz will be easier if the information presented in the lessons is still fresh to you. 
We recommend you complete the course within 60-days after signing up for the course. If you abandon your seat in the online course, you will be removed after 60 days and will need to start the course over to earn a certificate. 
10. Do I have to complete the course all at once? No. The course is made up of several 20-30 minute lessons. You can try to complete it all in one sitting, but staying concentrated on the material could be very difficult.  We recommend you plan to complete 1 or 2 lessons each time you log in. It would be best if you tried to complete each lesson before moving on to the next.  When you see the display verifying that you have completed the current lesson, you can log out or close your browser window. The next time you log in and go to The Lessons and select your course, the program will pick up where you left off with the next lesson ready to go. It is expected you will complete the course within 1-year of the date you filed Chapter 13. We recommend you complete the course within 60-days after signing up for the course. If you abandon your seat in the online course, you will be removed after 60 days and will need to start the course over to earn a certificate. 
11. Are there quizzes? Yes. Each lesson ends with a short quiz to help you recall the basic information just presented. They are not graded. After you complete all 10 lessons in the course there will be a final quiz. Once you pass this quiz, you will be eligible to receive a certificate from the US Trustee’s Office indicating that you have successfully completed the required course.
12. Can I take this course for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case?  No. This debtor education course provides a certificate for Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases only.