An Online Course for Chapter 13 Debtors

About us

The information on this page will be part of the online course for debtors to review.

Even before the passage of bankruptcy reform, the National Association of Chapter Thirteen Trustees (NACTT) and many Chapter 13 trustees realized the value of debtor education. At the suggestion of trustees experienced in debtor education programs, the NACTT established an independent nonprofit corporation called the Trustees' Education Network, TEN, in 1998. In essence, TEN was established by trustees and for trustees. The organization is led by a Board of volunteers, the majority of whom are Chapter 13 trustees.

The purposes of TEN:
• Assess the needs of Chapter 13 trustees and serve as a peer-guided conduit for the delivery of consistent financial management education programs to the debtors they serve.
• Develop high-quality debtor education materials appropriate for diverse class participants.
• Provide positive, motivating programs at no cost to bankruptcy debtors.
• Maintain oversight and evaluation instruments to ensure the quality of the educational programs.

TEN has developed quality Debtor education materials, both written and electronic.  These are available to Chapter 13 trustees who choose to provide financial management education to debtors they serve.  Written materials for an in person class include a detailed instructor's manual,  detailed instruction on how to develop an education program, advice for classroom instruction, overhead transparency masters and videos on the Basics of Chapter 13 and the Basics of Money Management. These written materials have been translated into Spanish. The Basics of Chapter 13 video is also available with Spanish subtitles.
In 2012, TEN contracted with the University of California-Riverside to develop in both English and Spanish this online Debtor education course, with input from experienced Chapter 13 trustees and debtor education instructors.
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