An Online Course for Chapter 13 Debtors

Frequently Asked Questions

Debtors taking the course ask:

1. What is a Trustee Identifier Number?

This online course and its materials are only available to registered users who are given a Trustee Identifier Number (TIN) by their Chapter 13 Trustee. An example would be 55XX043

2. How much does this course cost me?

Your Trustee is paying for you to take the course so you can earn a certificate you need order to qualify for a discharge of your debts upon completion of your case. There is no out-of-pocket expense to you.

3. Can my spouse take the course with me?

If your spouse has also filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy, then they too need to earn a certificate in order to qualify for a discharge of their debts. Your spouse will need to register and complete the course separately.

4. How long does the course take to finish?

US Trustee regulations require you to receive a minimum of 2 hours of approved financial management instruction. This course, if completed with conscientious effort, should take about two and a half hours to complete.

5. Do I have to complete the course all at once?

No. The course is made up of several short 10-15 minute lessons. You can try to complete it all in one sitting, but it could be very difficult to stay concentrated on the material. We recommend you plan to complete 2 or 3 lessons each time you login. You must complete each lesson before moving onto the next. It is expected you will complete the course within 1-year of the date you filed Chapter 13.

6. Are there quizzes?

Yes. Each lesson ends with a short quiz to help you recall the basic information just presented. After you complete all 10 lessons in the course there will be a final quiz. You are required to score 70% to pass the quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you will be eligible to receive a certificate from the US Trustee’s Office indicating that you have successfully completed the required course.

7. Do I have to earn a certificate?

Yes and no. Yes, you need the certificate in order to be eligible to receive a discharge of your debts upon completion of your Chapter 13 case. However, if after filing this case you have attended and completed another approved financial management course for people who have filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and already have a certificate from the US Trustee’s Office, then you will not choose to earn the certificate a second time in this case. However, you can visit this site for access to the great lessons, handouts and links as a refresher any time for 5 years following the first time you registered for the site. Even if you do not elect to earn a certificate, your Trustee will still need to issue to you a Trustee Identifier Number for you to use to register and to access the site.

8. How do I receive the certificate?

Once you have completed the course and the final quiz, if you have opted to earn the certificate when you registered, you will immediately receive an email of congratulations from us. There will be no certificate to print at that time. We will notify the US Trustee’s Office of your success. This will take up to 3 business days. The certificate of completion will be emailed to you at that time. You may want to forward it to your attorney then and print a copy for your files.

As a courtesy, the course provider, your trustee, will file the certificate directly with the bankruptcy clerk in your case within 15 days. 

For one year from the time of your initial registration, you can return to the site and review any lesson by visiting the Finally, Financial Freedom!--Refresher Course. You can also access downloadable forms and links without viewing any lessons again.