An Online Course for Chapter 13 Debtors


The information on this page will be part of the online course for debtors to review.

The Trustees’ Education Network (“TEN”), as provider, makes the following disclosures to debtors pursuant to 28 CFR 58.33(k):

FEES: Debtors will not be charged any fee by TEN or a participating chapter 13 trustee to receive this course. TEN is a nonprofit organization. To cover the expenses of development, maintenance, and administration of the course, TEN may charge a participating chapter 13 trustee $10.00 for each debtor for whose chapter 13 case they have been appointed, that the trustee allows to take the course. No charge will be made for TEN to generate the Certificate for each debtor upon completion of the course. TEN does not pay or receive any referral fee for the referral of debtors.

BILINGUAL INSTRUCTION: No languages other than English are available at this time from TEN. TEN does not provide professional language interpreter assistance.

QUALIFICATIONS OF INSTRUCTORS: This course was written and developed by Dr. Karen Varcoe, Ph.D, Consumer Economics Specialist for the University of California-Riverside, Dr. Sharon Seiling, Ph.D., Professor and Extension Specialist, The Ohio State University, and Amy Tate-Almy, a Certified Financial Counselor. The adaptation of the materials into a Spanish version was accomplished by the University of California News and Information Outreach in Spanish (NOS) Unit. Questions about the substantive course materials will be answered by email by an approved Instructor who has had several years experience in the area of personal finance, budgeting or credit or debt management.

CERTIFICATES: TEN will promptly (no later than three business days) provide a Certificate to the debtor upon the debtor’s completion of this course and completion of the debtor course evaluation. Debtors may authorize TEN to send the Certificate to their bankruptcy attorney or to notify the appropriate bankruptcy court that a debtor has completed the course, in accordance with the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. A debtor will receive a Certificate from TEN only if the debtor completes this course.

POSSIBLE DISCLOSURES OF DEBTOR INFORMATION TO THE U.S. TRUSTEE: TEN might disclose debtor information to the United States Trustee in connection with the United States Trustee’s oversight of TEN, during the investigation of complaints, during onsite visits, or during quality of service reviews.

COURSE REVIEW BY U.S. TRUSTEE: The United States Trustee has reviewed this course. Other than providing the instructional course, TEN provides no other services to debtors.